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Extractor 4F motor 110W,barrel 52,basket 30x48,without going through middle axle

Number: 4107

Extractor 4F motor 110W,barrel 52,basket 30x48,without going through middle axle - 4107

Maximum size of the beehive frame: 30 x 48 cm
The internal diameter of the barrel: 52 cm

The 4 frames honey extractor is powered by an electric motor 110W / 230V with a safety switch which stops the motor if the lid of the extractor is opened. Modern technology enables the innovative manufacturing of the bottom of the extractor. The bottom of the extractor is welded without any inner edges and is inclined towards the tap. A welded stainless tap is built in at the lowest point so all the honey can drain out of the extractor. Cleaning the extractor is simple. All parts of a honey extractor which come in contact with honey are made of materials appropriate for managing foods. The lid is made of transparent acrylic glass. The special construction of the legs ensures that the extractor is stable.

The basket of the extractor is without the middle axle, so the special clamping above and below enables you to turn the frame inside the extractor without the need of taking it out.

Enables extracting honey from a beehive frame with the height up to 30 cm and the length of the upper bar of 48 cm.

Guarantee: 1 year
Type: LTM 4S BO

- By buying a special vacuum mixer (Art. 4703), the extractor may also be used for mixing the sugar
- A bag for spinning the honeycombs (Art. 7758) can be hung in the basket so that the honey can be
easily drained from the uncapped wax cells.
- By mounting rubber pads (Art. 7754) on the legs, the extractor will not slide so easily.
- The 12V DC-230V AC, 300W (Art. 4626) converter enables the operation of the extractor with a 12V DC
battery if an electrical supply of 230V is not available.

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