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Extractor 8F self-turning,programautomatic,double baskets 18x46,barrel 63

Number: 4506

Extractor 8F self-turning,programautomatic,double baskets 18x46,barrel 63 - 4506

Cassette size: 17,5 x 44 x 4,5 cm
Drive: electric motor 110W / 230V with full electronic speed control
The internal diameter of the barrel: 63 cm

The 8 frames self-turning honey extractor is powered by an electric motor 110W / 230V with full electronic speed control and with a safety switch which stops the motor if the lid of the extractor is opened during the operation.

Modern technology enables the innovative manufacturing of the bottom of the extractor. The bottom of the extractor is welded without any inner edges and is inclined towards the tap. A welded stainless tap 6/4'' is built in at the lowest point so all the honey can drain out of the extractor. All parts of a honey extractor which come in contact with honey are made of materials appropriate for managing foods. The lid is made of transparent acrylic glass. The special construction of the legs ensures that the extractor is stable.

The cassettes in the extractor are double, and between them, there is a sheet metal part on which the honey drains. The basket cassettes are made of vertical wires of corresponding density, so the honeycomb is not damaged during the extraction. They are connected by a special mechanism. The wire cassette prevents the honey from being clogged in the cassette during the extraction. Therefore, the frames are dry after the extraction.

Enables extracting honey from 8 beehive frames with the height up to 16,5 cm and the length of the upper bar of 48 cm.

Automation enables the entire process of extraction independent, and the user can focus on other tasks during that time. Managing is simple using a digital two-line LCD display and a foil keyboard. Eight different programs can be set and saved. In each program, eight different times, directions and rotation speeds can be programmed. Basic extraction programs are already preset and can be changed any time, or new programs can be additionally set and saved. The extractor is silent, reliable and has a compact design.

Guarantee: 2 years
Type: LTA 8SSD

- By mounting rubber pads (Art. 7754) on the legs, the extractor will not slide so easily.
- The 12V DC-230V AC, 600W (Art. 4627) converter enables the operation of the extractor with a 12V DC battery if an electrical supply of 230V is not available.

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