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Number: 7782
Spur wire embeddor

A useful device for putting unwired foundation into pre-wired frames. Simply run the embeddor along the...

Number: 7787
Wire crimper

After stringing the frames with wire it is necessary to tension them. The crimper is simply gripped...

Number: 8181
Eyelets coat with brass (1000 pcs)

Frame wire has a tendency to cut into the frame end bars. Using Metal Eyelets will eliminate this problem...

Number: 7792
Electric wire embedder 24 V/ 80VA/ 230V

It transforms the electric voltage from 220V to 24V. You will insert the wire (galvanized or stainless...

Number: 7791
Electric wire embedder, 3 levels, (20V, 22V, 24V)-140VA/230V

It transforms the electric voltage from 230V to 20V, 22V or 24V. Suitable for galvanized or stainless...

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