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Helpic gel, 30 ml

Number: 6201

Helpic gel, 30 ml - 6201

Immediately after the bite or sting apply a generous amount of gel to the injured area of the skin. Do not rub, but only distribute lightly on the skin, so that the gel will adhere. Let the gel act for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Helpic Gel is a cooling herbal gel which has a fast, soothing effect on the injured parts of the skin, if applied in a timely manner.
Helpic Gel is a purely natural product developed and manufactured in Austria. The gel is proven to be effective even in large injured areas, as this is the case with mosquitoes, horse flies, ants, jellyfish, wasps, and more.
Helpic Gel immediately relieves itching, prevents swelling and reddening of the skin, disinfects the puncture wound, and therefore largely prevents ensuing skin inflammations.
Helpic Gel is waterproof and particularly suitable for the treatment of large skin surfaces, and can be used on children without any concern, if applied properly and according to instructions.

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