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Helpic Insekten Fluid, 5 ml

Number: 6203

Helpic Insekten Fluid, 5 ml - 6203

Helps immediately! AFTER insect bites or stings.
Apply two drops of fluid to the bite wound IMMEDIATELY after the bite or sting. Do not rub, but simply let it work in for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Helpic Junior Fluid has been developed especially for children. Its special oils adhere very well to the skin and the fluid is therefore particularly suitable for babies and small children, as well as for people with very sensitive skin.
Helpic Junior Fluid has been enriched with special active ingredients which make it pleasant and smell good for babies and small children.
Helpic Junior Fluid is completely harmless if it ever is accidentally ingested from the treated skin.
Helpic Junior Fluid has been approved as a natural cosmetic product and can therefore be used as often as necessary without any worry.
Helpic Junior Fluid has virtually no expiration date and is offered in practical 5ml bottles, which is sufficient for about 80 treatments.

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