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Hive cover LR, Isolated, PVC with feeding gate

Number: 8082

Hive cover LR, Isolated, PVC with feeding gate - 8082

Light hive cover LR with insulation, vent plugs and feeding gate which replaces old heavy covers and has a lot of advantages: no maintenance, UV protection, fits all Langstroth hives, better use of space during transportation, easier maintenance of heat in the winter, double walled, built in vent plugs, stability when/if hives are stacked on each other, resistance to chemicals, the possibility of disinfection, heat resistance (up to 110 ° C)…

Weight: 2,10 kg
Dimensions: 505x425x80 mm
Disinfection: immersion into 5% potassium hydroxide solution into temperature of 80°C or in a solution of chlorine

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