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Number: 7637
Dryer and honey decrystallization camera MINI

The dryer is used to dry bee pollen and bee bread. Pollen is dry in 20h, while bee bread can be dry in...

Number: 7630
Pollen Grinder

Pollen grinder can be used to grind pollen and all other types of dry cereals like: wheat, corn, millet,...

Number: 7635
Table-top Bee bread harvester

Honeycombs with bee bread have to prepared in advance. Honey has to be completely extracted out of the...

Number: 7636
Stainless device for bee bread separation

This separator can be used in addition with the table top bee bread harvester. It can be used for easier...

Number: 8155
Pollen dryer 5 drawers

The dryer dries water out of pollen with heated air that circulates around and is controlled by a thermostat....

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