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Plastic foundation LR 1/1 PP

Number: 6621

Plastic foundation LR 1/1 PP - 6621

A plastic wax foundation has perfect hexagons (5,45 mm) and is made of polystyrene. They can be applied on normal wooden frames that have a slit on the upper and lower part. There is no wiring or riveting necessary. It is is resistant to wax moths and it doesn’t get loose or unfastened. Therefore, the use of plastic wax foundation is very convenient in comparison to refular beeswax foundation. You can use higher speeds in the honey extractor without destroying the honeycombs. For bees to start building honeycombs quicker you should wax the foundation before placing them in a hive. The plastic foundation can be disinfected in a solution of potassium hydroxide 5% at 80°C.

Dimenesions: 420 x 212 mm
Width of the cells: 5,45 mm

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