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Spin-dryer with speed variation Thomas

Number: 7240

Spin-dryer with speed variation Thomas - 7240

Spin-dryer with speed variation
The spin-dryer fulfils 2 functions: dries cappings at high speed and filters honey at low speed. It is fitted with a speed variation controller and can be used to filter honey non-stop and without emulsion.

When you uncap honeycomb with a knife/fork/machine, a large part of honey stays in the wax caps. Spin-dryer enables you to separate the honey from the wax caps, without loss of quality.

You put the caps in a basket with a nylon strainer, connect the device to operate at high speed, honey is eliminated from the covers and dry caps remain in the basket.

Spin-dryer can also be used for filtering/cleaning honey at low speed. We put a nylon bag into the basket, close the lid and connect the tank to the centrifuge. During the process we constantly fed the honey into the centrifuge, filtered honey drains out on the bottom of the tank. Impurities in the honey (wax residues) remain in the nylon filter.

Spin-dryer is equipped with a continuously variable speed setting, which is controlled by a frequency controller, which is separated from the centrifuge

Technical data:
- Electrical connection: 230V/50 Hz
- Power engine: 550W
- Turns: 0-1500/min
- Stainless steel basket: O 320 mm, height 340 mm
- Tank: O 360 mm, height 420 mm
- Height of honey outlet: 310 mm
- Total height: 820 mm
- Weight: 80 kg

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