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Tank for mead 35 l, airtight lid, stainless steel, 2 taps

Number: 2303

Tank for mead 35 l, airtight lid, stainless steel, 2 taps - 2303

Diameter: 31 cm
Height: 50 cm
Capacity: 30 l
Two high quality stainless ball taps 3/8''

The tank for mead is made entirely of materials which are suitable for use with food. The bottom of the tank is butt-welded without internal edges, so the tank is simple to clean. It is suitable for storing and filling of mead directly into the bottles. The tank has two ergonomically designed handles which enable easy transfer.

A silicone seal in the lid and four clamps enable airtight sealing. The high quality stainless ball taps 3/8'' are bolted into the threaded couplings which are welded to the jacket of the tank. The upper tap is intended for pure mead release, while the remaining residue is discharged throught the lower tap.

Made of: high quality polished stainless steel W. Nr. 1.4301 III D

Other Accessories:
• Honey tank stand, diameter 31 cm, stainless steel (Art. 2401)

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