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Number: 7801
Evaporator Nassenheider

is the worldwide first long-term evaporator for continous evaporation of 60% formic acid against the...

Number: 7807
Evaporator Nassenheider Professional

Advantages compared to the forerunner-model: Total height is now 70mm only - therefore it even fits...

Number: 780701
U-wicks for art. 7807

U-wicks special fleece, punched card with 6 wicks

Number: 8183
Varroa mite screen, plastic

Consist of a bottom and meshlike excluder. You place it under the nest to control varoa falling down. Dimensions:...

Number: 8182
Varroa mite screen AZ

Varoa mites fall through the screen onto bottom board. If you use it with a sticky board, this will make...

Number: 7811
Varrox vaporizer for oxalic acid, 12V-12A

Oxalic acid dihydrate is heated by the Varrox vaporizer. Due to the heating action the oxalic acid liquefies...

Number: 7816
Hot air vaporizer 230V

This system is based on the sublimation of oxalic acid in the gaseous state using hot air generated by...

Number: 7810
Dosing syringe with tube 1-5 ml, for bee hive AŽ, automatic

For fighting varroa. Simpel and fast dosing of oxalic acid. Gives between 1 and 5 ml per shot. Includes...

Number: 7830
Varroa tester

If in doubt if your bees have many varroa mites, then this is the solution. You catch 200 bees from...

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