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Beekeeping scale 200 kg, SMS/GPRS

Product number: 7714
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Beekeeping scale ensures increase of honey production, time and money savings because of fewer visits to the apiary. Scale also ensures increase of yield because of moving the hives to better locations. Thanks to these activities, beekeepers can improve their management, have the possibility to cover bigger geographic areas, can increase the number of beehives, better plan their activities and prevent damage due to timely alarm notifications.

- Revolutionary technology enables autonomy for more than 10 years with one built-in battery.
- Ultra compact stainless steel construction.
- Electronic board is embeded in robust and waterproof IP67 polycarbonate enclosure.
- Cables protection from rodents - flexible stainless steel conduit and fittings.
- Highest quality components.
- Plentiful equipment even in the standard model.
- Possibility of connecting up to 4 scales on one device.
- Wide measurement range up to 200kg, 10g resolution.
- Operating temperature from -25 ° C to +50 ° C (most used lead-acid batteries can’t operate on temperatures below zero).
- High reliability that is resulting from long-term experience with GSM remote control technology.
- Easy software update on site with the upgrade stick.
- No need for installation or wiring, beehive scale just needs to be placed under the beehive.
- Getting started with sending SMS message “ START “.
- Measures 410mmx360mmx80mm; weight 5,4kg.
- 2 years warranty.

Benefits for beekeepers:
- Less visits to the apiary save time and transport cost.
- Increased productivity with same resources.
- Increased yield thanks to timely notification of increase weight at specific microlocation (enables moving the hive).
- Possibility to cover bigger geographic area, to increase number of beehives and to grow business.
- Improved management and planning of activities.
- Preventing damage due to timely alarm notification.
- Easy maintenance - no more carrying heavy accumulators.

Beehives SMS/GPRS remote monitoring system enables a beekeeper to get up to date information about beehives. Based on these parameters from the hives, a beekeeper can intervene promptly and efficiently, he can even know precisely when honey must be harvested. He can plan activities such as migrating to better pasture, feeding, extraction etc... Furthermore, analyzing parameters through the season enables foresight management of the hives.

XLOG bee Data Logging: weight of the beehives (up to 4 scales) (standard configuration; relative air humidity (standard configuration); outside temperature (standard configuration); nest temperature; rainfall; atmospheric pressure; wind speed; intruder alarm notification; built-in battery voltage monitoring; external 12V battery voltage monitoring.
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