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Device for sweeping off bees

Product number: 7778
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This automatic device is intended to sweep off bees from honeycombs with the height up to 48 cm.

It enables the beekeeper to prepare the honeycombs easily and quickly before uncapping, check-ups, and other beekeeping chores.

A bee friendly device: The sweeping process is gentler on the bees as is manual sweeping with brushes or hands. It allows a time saving of more than 50 % and is also very helpful by creating artificial swarms.

The device to sweep off bees is to be connected via connectors to a 12 V car battery. The sweeping is done with the help of spiral brushes made of horsehair that are placed on the parallelly placed axes. Each turn into other directions and sweeps the bees off the comb. On the lower part there is a special mechanism for fastening the bee-collection pot. It can be detached by pushing the lever down, so that the pot is released. After the job is done, the beekeeper just shakes the bees back into their beehive.

Technical data:
Motor power: 21,2 W
Voltage: 12 V
Height: 86 cm
Opening width: 48 cm
Weight: 11,5 kg
Material: stainless steel W. Nr. 1.4301/AISI 304,
metal, powder coated frame
  • Packing code: OME
Own manufacturing
Trustworthy partner
Own research&development

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Checkout our offer of catalogs for more detailed information about our products. You can download them in PDF format.

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