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The high-quality LOGAR® honey tanks are made of polished stainless-steel W. Nr. 1.4301/AISI 304.
- STORAGE HONEY TANKS without a honey tap with an airtight lid for longer storage of honey.
- HONEY TANKS with a honey tap that cuts the honey cleanly, with an anti-dust lid or an airtight lid, intended for storing honey and for filling it into glass containers. 
We can offer you honey tanks with a flat bottom and a novelty in our offering, honey tanks with a tilted bottom, so that honey can drain out of the tank as easily as possible. 
Honey is hygroscopic, so we recommend tanks with an airtight lid for longer storage. The lid with a silicone seal can be closed with a locking ring or 4 fasteners.
Advantages of LOGAR® honey tanks:
-        butt-welded tank bottom is without internal edges for easy cleaning,
-        safe storage of honey: honey stored in LOGAR® tanks retains its quality even after longer storage time, 
-        long lifetime of LOGAR® honey tanks: they can be used for many years, hereby you contribute to Earth conservation in terms of sustainability,
-        removable stands for all tanks available as an accessory,
-        made in the EU (Slovenia).
With the help of our FILTER, you can choose the appropriate honey tank even more easily.

Product number: 2035
Product number: 2021
Product number: 2121
Product number: 2414


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