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Evaporator Oxalika Premium for oxalic acid

Product number: 7818
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For easier, faster and more effective treatment for varroa mites

The only evaporator on the market with 12 V connection and temperature control (final temperature = 200°C) which ensures that oxalic acid is evaporated at the optimum temperature. Oxalic acid is not overheated and does therfore not lose its effectiveness. Between treatments of individual hives, it is not necessary to switch off the evaporator and cool it down. It is sufficient to brush off the residue from the container, fill it with a new dose of oxalic acid and proceed to the next hive.

The vaporizer can be used continuously, without disconnecting it from the battery and without having to cool down between treatments. Thanks to the temperature control device, which stabilizes it at the best level, the treatment is easier, faster and more effective compared to other vaporizers

It is operated with a 45Ah car battery or similar (not included) that allows up to 200 treatments without being recharged. The evaporator stops working automatically before the battery is completely discharged.

Duration of the sublimation process:
- 45 seconds for 1 g of oxalic acid
- 60 seconds for 2 g Oxalic acid

Components: container for oxalic acid on a strong handle, insulated power cable with battery connectors and two dosing spoons.

Technical data:
- connection power: 120 W
- voltage: 12 V
- container height: 9,8 mm
- power cable length: 2,9 m

Reliable quality: made in Italy, safe and CE certified.
Suitable for beekeepers with up to 100 hives.
Suitable for use with Api-Bioxal!
Own manufacturing
Trustworthy partner
Own research&development

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Checkout our offer of catalogs with additional information about our products. You can download them in PDF format.


Checkout our offer of catalogs for more detailed information about our products. You can download them in PDF format.

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