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Uncapping machine LTU 20 – full-automatic

Product number: 8074
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The full-automatic uncapping machine is suitable for uncapping of the honeycombs on both sides. Each machine is adapted to only one length of the frame, but the height of the frames can be adjusted as desired.

The machine is equipped with a chain system that conveys the honeycombs through the knives and then onto the basin where the uncapped combs are gathered. The honeycombs are uncapped on both sides by a pair of heated, vibrating knives, which evenly uncap the honeycombs by constantly adapting to the width of the frame and the honeycomb. Cappings wachs is collected in the basin made of artificial materials, which is placed under the machine. The honey is separated from cappings wachs and flows through the perforated insert placed in the basin. The machine is equiped with wheels with brake that enable easy manipulation.

- Place the basin under the machine and prepair the honeycombs for uncapping.
- Switch on the machine and the heating system on the control panel. The tempearature of the heated knives can be set to a desired value.
- Width of the uncapping can be adjusted with the help of the regulation screw that is placed on the side of the machine.
- Place the frames with honeycombs on sliders. The height of the lower slider can be adjusted to fit different heights of the frames.
- When the frame reaches one of the sticks of the chain system, the latter pushes it through vibrating, heated pair of knives. The cells are uncapped on both sides. The frames are then conveyed to the drop of point of the basin.
- The basin with perforated stainless steel insert must always be situated under the machine.
- The uncapped honeycombs on frames are then collected on the drop of place of the container, where there is enough room for approximately 16 frames.

Power: 2.100 W
Voltage: Un = 230V/ 50Hz
Working temperature: 60 - 75 °C
Width of the uncapping: 19 - 29 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h): 115 x 70 x 130 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Capacity: approximately 300 honeycombs / hour

Material: all parts of the uncapping machine, that come into contact with honey, are made of stainless steel (quality W. Nr. 1. 4301/ AISI 304) or from materials suitable for contact with food.
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