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Wax sterilizer 35 l, insulated, 3 kW

Product number: 3322
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Three-walled wax sterilizer for killing Nosema and foul brood spores in beeswax

The wax clarifier is primarily intended for use in beekeeping and in production of wax candles for:
- sterilisation of beeswax: the high temperature kills the spores of Nosema and foulbrood,
- cleaning and clarification of beeswax,
- heating of beeswax: for the production of wax fundations and production of candles.
It can also be used for cooking jams, jams, melting paraffin etc.

The wax tank is three-walled and consists of a double-walled inner tank and an outer insulating coat. Thermal oil, which is not included in the scope of delivery, must be poured in the gap to transfer the heat. The tank is additionally insulated, which reduces heat loss and power consumption. An electric heater with temperature control is installed in the bottom of the container, which heats the container.

Beeswax that is intended for production of wax fundations must first be sterilized at 120°C. You can set the temperature at 51°– 158°C on the heater. Only disinfected wax can be used for production of wax fundations.

Technical data:
- Outer container: diameter 40 cm, height 67 cm
- Inner container: diameter 31 cm, height 48 cm
- Capacity: 35 liters
- Weight: 16 kg
- wax outlet: two wax outlet taps 3/4 “
- electrical heater: 3.000 W (230 V)
- temperature range: 51° – 158° C
- Required quantity of thermal oil: 19 liters (please order separately)
- Material: stainless steel W. Nr. 1. 4301 / AISI 304
Produced in Slovenia (EU).

Additional equipment:
- Thermal oil 1/20 l (art. 002)
- Stand for wax sterilizer, stainless steel (art. 332201)
Own manufacturing
Trustworthy partner
Own research&development

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Checkout our offer of catalogs for more detailed information about our products. You can download them in PDF format.

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