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Cappings wax melter ø 63 cm, insulated

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Cappings wax melter enables you to simply separate honey from wax cappings based on the circulation of warm air in the melter. It is particularly suitable for beekeepers who uncapp the honeycombs with the help of uncapping machines or with electric knives, since this way more honey remains in the capping wax.

The tank is insulated and protected by a stainless steel sheet, which reduces heat losses and shortens the time of wax melting. The bottom is welded without any inner edges and is inclined towards the tap.

There is a heater built in the lid with a thermostat (30-95°C). A ventilator circulates the air inside, which results in even distribution of the temperature. Wax cappings begin to melt and honey drips to the bottom of the tank. Melted wax stays above the honey and protects the honey from overheating.

After the honey has melted, you can drain it out after about two hours. Open the honey tap and let honey through a strainer into a suitable container. Remove the cooled wax layer for further processing, wait for the wax to harden.

All parts of the discovery wax melter that come into contact with the honey are made of food approved materials.

Due to even distribution of hot air in the area above the stainless steel ring the cappings wax melter enables:
- simple separation of the honey from the wax cappings,
- melting of honeycombs with melecitose honey or crystallised honey,
You can put the whole honeycombs in the device.
- heating honey in jars, buckets and smaller containers.

The HMF value of the honey does not change significantly.

The melecitose honey and cappings wax melter can significantly improve the effectiveness of your honey harvest and make your work easier.

The discovery wax melter is suitable for both hobbyists and professional beekeepers.

Outer diameter: 660 mm
Height: 1.245 mm
Temperature range: 30-95°C
Weight: 39 kg
Power: 260 W
Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Material: stainless steel W.Nr. 1.4301 / AISI 304
Capacity: ca. 30 kg of capping wax - duration ca. 4-5 hours
ca. 12 x LR, 14 x Zander, 14 x DNM, 28 x Dadant Blatt, honeycombs – duration ca. 4-5 hours
max. 50 kg of honey in glasses, containers – the time needed for cristalization of honey depends on the cristalization grade of the honey and the size of the container.

NEW from November 2021: legs on wheels (with brakes)!

Additional equipment:
- Beam with thorn (art. 8046)
Intended for uncapping with a knife, uncapping height = 98 cm
- Uncapping stand, double sided (art. 8045)
Intended for horizontal positioning of the frames for uncapping, uncapping height = 104 cm
- Decrystallization jacket Zn (art. 329509)
For dekristallisation of honey in bigger containers (max. o 42 cm, max. height = 80 cm)
- Tray for uncapped frames (art. 329502)
Together with the beam with thorn or the uncapping stand it enables a simple, fast and hygienic uncapping in small places.
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Checkout our offer of catalogs for more detailed information about our products. You can download them in PDF format.

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