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Honeypump Major 60, 400V

Product number: 7362
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Stainless steel self priming flexible impeller pump Major runs at slow speed and thus keeps the structure of honey intact.
It pumps both ways equally and has a larger pump head and capacity, than the pump Minor
Mode of operation: the impeller vanes are flexible and pump the fluid by constantly moving it towards the outlet.
Suitable for pumping delicate fluids and fluids with high viscosity or with solid particles. The pump can work in all mounting positions.
The pump Major is also used for OENOLOGY (wine, must, grapes) and FOOD PROCESSING (beer, juice, fruit pulp, honey, liquid sugar, syrup, glucose, milk, yoghurt, liquid eggs, oil, tomato sauce, brine, etc.)
All the parts of the pump, that come in contact with food, are food contact approved.

Technical characteristics:
- capacity: approx. 4.200 kg of honey per hour (depending on the viscosity and type of honey)
- materials: trolley, housing and fittings: Inox AISI 304; the impeller: food contact approved natural non-toxic neoprene rubber.
- max. pumping height: 12 m
- power: 1,5 kW
- voltage: 3x 400V/ 50 Hz
- suitable pipes: 60 mm dia
- pipe connections: Garolla 60
- weight: 46 kg
- dimentions WxLxD: 49x104x68 cm
Own manufacturing
Trustworthy partner
Own research&development

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