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Pollen collector, plastic

Product number: 8154
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Dimension: 37,5 x 17 x 9 cm

This pollen collector has a folding anatomic pollen collection screen which collects the pollen in the drawer without damaging the body, legs or the wings of the bees. On the sides of the collector there are two small holes for the queen and drones to exit (necessary in the queen mating period). The drawer is ventilated and helps the collected pollen to dry as much as possible. It can be installed on all types of bee hives by two hooks that you screw in above the entrance or by using a piece of wire to wrap the hive and the collector together, To take the collected pollen just pull out the drawer. The pollen collector is made of materials that will last a life time with proper use.

How to use it:
- Fix the collector in front of the entrance of the hive by using the two holes at the top of the collector or by wrapping the collector to the hive with a wire.
- Lift up the folding pollen collection screen and atabilize it by using a piece of wood, stone, paper clip or whatever at your disposal. The folding screen in this position does not collect pollen. The purpose of this action is to make the bees familiar with their new entrance.
- After 24-48 hours the bees will be adjusted to the collector. Now it is safe to bring the folding screen to the collectin position. The collection starts from that moment.
- You can take the collected pollen simply by pulling the drawer out. Drawer can be purchased separately.
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