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Bottom heating (set) with thermostat 8,5 m/ 500 W

Product number: 7124
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Heating cable with thermostat is intended for heating the bottoms of extractors and tanks with a maximum diameter of 80 cm.

The set consists of:
- heating cable 8.5 m long,
- control box with temperature detector,
- adjustable thermostat,
- self-adhesive aluminium folie.

The set consist of everything that is needed to mount the heating cable under the bottom of extractor or tank. The detailed instructions are included in delivery.

Honey in extractors with heated bottoms flows out easier and it can also be filtered quicker. The heated bottom is of great help when extracting the honey for more days (it prevents the crystallisation of honey at the bottom of the extractor). This also prevents the mixing of crystallised and and freschly extracted honey and lowers the rate of crystallisation. Last but not least, the cleaning of the extractor will be much easier.

Power: 500 W/230 V
Temperature range: 30 - 85°C
Material: silicon heating cable
Weight: approx 2 kg
Own manufacturing
Trustworthy partner
Own research&development

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