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Honeytherm - honey melter

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The Honeytherm, heating and melting system, is designed for liquefying, fine cleaning, purifying and filling of honey. With the Honeytherm the melezitose honey can be liquefied completely and without heat damage so that the honey does not loose its biological value.

The Honeytherm system consists of:
- upper chamber with stainless steel mesh base,
- flat spiral heater with control box and capillary thermostat,
- nylon bag, fine – it holds back even the smallest impurities, but leaves out the pollen contained in the honey (washable, reusable).

- The Honeytherm upper chamber has a perforated bottom and a perforated bottom side part. No additional perforated steel ring is required for the steam outlet. Therefore, the stability of the upper chamber on the bottom container is much better.
- Under the bottom of the chamber there is an additional drip edge which prevents the honey from leaking through the holes.
- High-quality, waterproof aluminum housing of the control box of the spiral heater.
- For straining the honey, it is recommended to use a nylon sack, which is easy to attach onto the chamber and is very stable on it.

Place a suitable honey tank (with inner dieameter of 30,6 – 30,8 cm) under the Honeytherm. We recommend the use of Logar honey tanks with an inner diameter of 30,7 cm (35, 50 kg). Place a nylon sack in the upper chamber, tighten it over the edge of the chamber, put the spiral heater in it and add the honey. The lower part of the spiral heater must be completely covered with honey. Only then the temperature at the thermostat should be set to 60°C.

Wait until the honey starts to drip through the perforated bottom of the chamber. After about 5-10 minutes, lower the temperature at the thermostat until the indicator lamp goes out. This is how the melting point of the honey is determined. During the liquefaction process, it is recommended to set the operating temperature 5-10°C above the determined melting point of the honey.

The crystals that lead to the crystallization of the honey remain on the fabric of the nylon sack. The steam goes out during heating through the perforated lower part of the chamber. This process also reduces the water content of the honey by up to 1%. The Honeytherm and the nylon sack can be easily washed with warm water after use.

This process does not overheat the honey, as the melted honey flows immediately into the lower honey tank and does not remain on the spiral heater and overheat. This way the honey does not lose its biological value.

CAPACITY: Approximatelly 8-16 kg of crystallized honey can be liquefied and filtered in one hour (the duration depends on the sort and consistency of the honey).

The Honeytherm can also liquefy and purify honey (without overheating it) to prepare it for sale. Melezitose crystals are very fine and require a temperature of at least 60°C to melt.

Melezitose honey and honey containing even a small proportion of melezitose must not under any circumstances:
- be liquefied with a temperature setting below 60°C,
- be filtered in the Honeytherm directly after extraction from honey combs,
- be placed in a pre-liquid form in the Honeytherm.

Power: 500 W
Voltage: 230 V
Container diameter outside: 30,5 cm
Height of container: 39 cm
Capacity: approx. 30 kg
Nylon sack diameter: 30,5 x 55 cm
Spiral heater diameter: 27 cm
Temperature range: 30° – 85°C
Chamber diameter inside: 30,6 – 30,8 cm
Guarantee: 3 years

Material: all parts of the uncapping machine, that come into contact with honey, are made of stainless steel (quality W. Nr. 1. 4301/ AISI 304) or from materials suitable for contact with food.

- acrilyc glass lid for Honeytherm (art. 715502)
- extra fine strainer for Honeytherm, Melitherm with diameter 30 cm stainless steel (art. 715503)
- fine nylon sack for Honeytherm - 47 x 65 cm (art. 7153)
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